Features Overview

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A fun-filled week with a serious focus on contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and musical theater.  Dancers will have the opportunity to work on technique, learn choreography, develop new skills, build up their endurance, and make new relationships. The week wraps up with dancers performing in a show case for family and friends.     

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Feature 2

A week full of dance, games, crafts while learning they are all Precious Princesses in God's eyes.  Concludes at the end of the week with a special performance by all of the princess ballerinas.

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Feature 3

Dancers will explore various forms of contemporary and traditional hip-hop including break-dancing, pop-n-lock, freestyle and more.  For beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

For serious dancers interested in strengthening and expanding their foundation in ballet and contemporary.  With an emphasis on technique, pre-pointe and pointe, these intensives offer dancers the opportunity to continue training during the summer and prepare them to be at their best going into the fall semester.

For dancers wanting to explore various aspects of musical theater for the first time as well as those desiring to build on what they already know.  With an emphasis on theater dance, jazz, story through movement and improv, dancers will also learn skills and concepts that will help boost their confidence and elevate their stage presence, making them better performers and dancers.