Histown has changed my life over the 5 years I have danced there! I have made some of my best friends there, and I have grown so much, physically and spiritually. The teachers pushed me and helped me become the dancer that I never thought I could be, but they also poured their own experiences into us, and became our mentors and friends. Histown is truly my second family, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to dance there, because it is so much more than just a dance studio to me; it gave me support and love every time I walked through the door. Thank you Histown!       Brenna Wolfe
Thank you for allowing me  to share what Histown has meant to my family. We are so deeply grateful, first and foremost, for the opportunity our children have had to learn the art of dance in an environment that is nurturing, loving and Christ-seeking. It has been a safe haven for them to blossom and grow. They have made many wonderful and hopefully lifelong friends,  but even more importantly, they have been encouraged and enabled to connect on a deeper, grittier, lovelier spiritual level with other students and teachers who have become mentors, instructing and loving them well! For the past 10 years, we have enjoyed not only the benefits of an excellent dance studio, but a true community and we are family!  Thank you for encouraging my children not only to become beautiful, excellent dancers, but above that, to worship the Lord with their giftings, and strive for inner beauty and excellence as well. And the process has been pure joy to watch! Every recital has been fresh and inspirational, from beautifully choreographed ballet and contemporary numbers to cool, athletic and CLEAN Hip Hop! We are privileged and thankful to be part of the unique community that is Histown! May you flourish and be blessed in your new studio! We can’t wait to see what the Lord does with Histown in the coming year!    Lisa Tichenor
Can’t say enough good things about this studio! High quality instruction, Christian based, and caring owners! They make you feel like you are part “of the family.” Very supportive atmosphere by the staff, fellow dancers and parents. Worth every minute of your time spent here! Christ is clearly at the center of this dance studio…    Don Mencke
Histown dance studio is incredible. The teachers are so intentional, talented and loving. I have made so many friends through dance and many of them I am very close to. Coming to dance is my favorite part of the week, thanks to Histown!   Southern Allen
Incredible teaching, family-like environment, and amazing Christian community! Cannot say enough about how thankful I am to have danced here throughout middle and high school. Histown really is a family of believers worshiping Jesus through dance!  Amanda Cooper

Yesterday was His Town Dance Studio’s recital.  Dances were performed to so many perfectly appointed songs. Little tiny ones danced preciously, and many talented teenagers danced like professionals!!! Very inspiring and quite the show. All I sensed for the past months was LOVE. We experienced TOTAL acceptance. So much PEACE and TEAM work. The JOY was every where, from the beginning of the semester through this past week of rehearsals while most families have tons going on. The fruits are evident because what matters most, is indeed the ABSOLUTE foundation of this place. People are valued for who they are and embraced with grace. The families involved volunteering, the leaders and founders, the teachers, the assistants, the office manager are undoubtedly a source of encouragement, and inspiration to any kid who shows up at HisTown. Have kids who want to learn how to dance, but most importantly who will feel loved and experience LOTS of fun? Look NO more. Go to Ken and Teresa. Humble, wise, generous faithful servants. You and His Town impacted our family so positively in such short time. THANK YOU!!!  Iveth Major