Studio Rules

HisTown Studio Rules

  1. We expect dancers to encourage each other and NOT to compete with anyone but themselves.
  2. NO GOSSIP! If you want to gossip, complain or cause strife, HisTown is not the right fit for you.
  3. Respect! We expect every dancer to respect their teacher, staff and each other.
  4. It is dance studio etiquette to not come to class late. If you are going to miss a class you are expected to call or e-mail the studio.
  5. If you are in ballet your hair must be a bun and you must wear a leotard with only a skirt.
  6. There is no eating in class. You should bring bottled water and snacks should be eaten between classes.
  7. Dance full out. If you come to class and you are physically able to dance full out, that is what will be expected.
  8. NO horse play or foul language will be tolerated. Do not run in the studio or through the foyer. No hands or feet on the walls in the hallways or classrooms.
  9. Do not bring friends, unless they are coming to observe as a potential dancer. Friends, siblings unattended or children you are responsible for can not be in the classroom. HisTown does not provide care for unattended children.
  10. Sick Policy -  If your child is sick please do not bring them to class because we don’t want to get anyone else sick.  It’s just not worth the risk and your child is better off at home getting well.  If we notice anyone is sick we will have to pull them out of class and call you to pick them up.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about staff, teachers, or rules we ask you to bring them To Ms. Teresa or Mr. Ken’s attention.