Tuition Payments and Registration:

Families must sign up for auto-pay to have tuition drafted automatically on the first of each month from your credit card, debit card or checking account.  There is a $35 annual registration fee per student with a $90 per family cap (Non-refundable and non-transferable.) The registration fee, which reserves placement in classes the student has enrolled in,  will be deducted upon enrollment in classes.   Tuition for August  will be automatically deducted on or after August 7th.  Every month thereafter tuition will automatically be deducted the 1st of the month for the rest of the current semester.

Tuition is calculated and based on the number of classes in any given semester (August – December and January – May) and is broken into five even payments per semester. We do not base tuition on the number of classes in any given month.  So whether a month has less or more classes than others, the monthly payments stay the same.

Register online here

Tuition refunds:

There are no refunds for missed classes or canceled classes. If a class is canceled due to weather or you simply missed your class, you may take a make-up class at the same level or one level below.

Late Payment:

We do email statements and you can check your balance online on your account with HisTown.  Although you cannot pay online, you can  keep track of payments and fees. A $10 fee will be added to monthly tuition if your tuition isn’t paid by the first week of the classes.

Tuition Cost:
See the Schedule/Rates page for details on tuition structure.

Every month tuition is the same amount. Histown does not reduce tuition for shorter months or increase tuition for longer months. Tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of the semester or split into monthly payments.

Absence Policy:

If a dancer is going to be absent please send an email or call us.   Dancers may not miss more than 3 classes and still be a part of our recital.


We ask for a semester commitment from each dancer. If you need to withdrawal early you will be expected to pay the remainder of the month and costume fees if costumes have already been purchased for the dancer.

Parent Observation:

There will be a class within each semester for parents to come in and observe. These observation classes will be announced via email and class handouts.


HisTown has a Spring performance and a Winter performance every year. Performances are held in mid-May and mid-December. Every class will participate in the performances unless otherwise stated on the schedule. Performing in the recitals are not mandatory, however we do ask that you notify us by September 18th and February 5th if you do not plan on having your dancers perform.

Performance fee is $40 per dancer with a $100 cap per family.  These fees help pay for renting the auditorium for rehearsals and performances, the stage director fees and additional help needed backstage.

Costume fees for each performance vary. HisTown strives to keep each cost down and our costume fees are typically very inexpensive, normally between $35- $55 each.  A non-refundable deposit  of $25 per costume due September 25th.  Final costume fees will be announced via email during the semester and balance of costume fees will be due October 24th.  In the spring, a non-refundable deposit of $25 per costume is due April 1st. Final costume fees weill be announced shortly after that via email and the balance of costume fees will be due April 21st.

Weather cancelations:

HisTown cancels classes with Franklin Special School District (F.S.S.D.) for weather closings.  However, if we determine that current or predicted weather conditions will not affect the ability of students to come to class safely, we may opt to send out a notice that classes will be held for those who can make it.